Our recent travels to Sydney

Our travels first took us to Sydney, where we had an action packed itinerary. We traveled to Sydney at the end of November, which as you will know is the beginning of the Australian Summer. The weather was perfect, and we had much to see and do. First day, we were still recovering from the jet lag so decided to take it easy and go to the world famous Bondi Beach.

If you’ve never been here, probably going in peak Summer time is not the best idea and forgot about the weekends! It’s absolutely packed and you probably won’t find anywhere to sit down on the beach. However, you can walk around to Bronte beach fairly easy and this is generally a bit less crowded. Or, you can hop on a bus to Coogee beach or Marroubra beach, and these will be definitely less crowded.

This is how Bondi Beach may look if you go on the weekend and in good weather

The beaches in Sydney are amazing, with crystal clear blue waters and pristine white sands. They’re a must see on any travellers list. The next day, we were feeling more energised after a good nights rest. After hearing a lot about the Royal Botanic gardens and the sustainability project they have going on there, we decided to go and check it out.

The gardens were absolutely beautiful with many native species and kept immaculately. What’s more they encourage school visits and a learning program that encourage students to learn more about gardening and sustainability practices, in the hope they will take this learning and put into practice in their own local communities and schools.

After, wondering around the huge botanical gardens we decided to explore some of Sydney’s famous shopping districts. The Queen Victoria Building was our first port call. This is one of Sydney’s famous landmark and the architecture is absolutely stunning. The gorgeous boutique shops kept us busy and we certainly shopped until we dropped.

prada store sydney

The Prada store in Sydney

We also decided to check out some of the designer stores in Sydney. Of notable impression were the Prada store, which has a very impressive detailed exterior. We later learned from a member of staff that Nero Marquina marble had been used and was done by a Sydney based company called Euro Marble. If you’re in Sydney it’s well worth checking out.

After shopping and visiting the gardens, the rest of our stay in Sydney was spent visiting some wildlife sanctuaries where we got to see koalas and kangaroos. This wrapped up our short stay in Sydney. It was an awesome experience, and we hope to return in the future.

Have you been to Sydney, what were your highlights?