Surry Hills Whisky Bar

Oh! Show me the way to the next whisky bar! That’s one of our favourite Doors song and it seemed like an apt song to be singing when we were looking for a whiskey bar in on our travels in Sydney. After all that walking around Sydney and visiting the sights (as we blogged about in our last post), we felt a bit thirsty and as it was evening and a long day of walking around, taking pictures and visiting gards and eco projects we felt we had deserved a drink!

We decided to check out the Surry Hills area, as everyone we met that day told us we had to definitely check it out. So armed with the address of some good pubs in the area we decided to check out what the following had on offer. On our whiskey tasting list were the following: The Keg and Brew, Whisky Room, Wild Bird and Tokyo Bird.

First port of call, was a place called The Keg and Brew – their website can be found here at:

This had a great homely atmosphere and had an awesome selection of whiskys from bourbons, single malts to blends. We couldn’t fault the friendly bar staff and their recommendations.This was definitely a good place to start the night.

The next place we checked out was Tokyo Bird, with a name like that we were intrigued. The decor of this whisky bar was fabulous. Their whiskeys on offer were also on point. It was a great place to end the night and no doubt we’ll be back to all three at some point in the future.