Essential Items

Traveling on the bare essentials is the way of the eco-minded travel. Too much clutter will not only slow you down, but could also have impacts on the environment when you leave. An example, of this was bought to light with the Maldives.

Whilst this destination is a luxurious one with it being the perfect choice for honeymoons or romantic holidays, there’s also a dark environmental impact that was exposed by a BBC documentary. It highlighted that many tourists were bringing a lot of plastics onto the islands that we’re causing huge problems in terms of disposing of them. What the tourists didn’t see were how the villagers were living and how the waste was accumulating. Such documentaries are great for bringing about change and educating people on a more sustainable way of travel.

After having a careful think of what we take when we travel, we whittles it down to a top 5 list of essential travel items:

  • Water bottle that can be easily refilled. Taking this with you will reduce or eliminate completely the need to buy plastic water bottles
  • Soap. Rather than bring lots of plastic bottles of body wash we opt for good old fashioned soap
  • Easy care breathable and lightweight cottons. Take essential clothing items and preferable cottons that are easy to handwash.
  • Clothes line. Reduces the need to use dryers.
  • Portable Eco-Friendly Solar powered charger. Of course only suitable if you’re going to a warm sunny place. There are lots of options on the market. One of our faviourie