2018 Eco Travel Destinations

We’re well into 2018, and it’s time to think about where to go for your next trip. We’ve put together some of our favourite eco travel destinations.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are plenty of eco tours that are run here. Chiang Mai offers a slightly cooler climate, a rich cultural history and opportunities to get off the beaten path. Whilst, it’s relatively easy to find eco travel tours when you get here, we recommend doing some research online first and finding out who the reputable tour operators are.

Costa Rica

This country in Central America is very well known for its eco conservation work with the government doing a lot to protect its natural beauty. A very popular destination with Americans due to its close proximity. Costa Rica is a real gem of Central America and is well worth considering for eco tourism.


If you’re after a completely different experience, why not brave the cold and visit Iceland.If you’re very lucky you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights. Iceland has a well deserved reputation of a clean, eco friendly country. In fact, the country is the cleanest energy consumer in the world.

There are of course a lot more destinations geared towards the eco and ethical tourist, but these three are definitely worth considering in 2018.